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Markel, She/Her. Native, Baeddel, Seperatist, Radical Transfeminist, Man-&AFAB hating, Trans Dyke, Vegan, Canadian, girl. In a relationship with my girlfriend Cordelia & we are better than you. Morrowind/TES fan & modder so now & then I'll post TES (mostly Morrowind) stuff. Also: Graphic Designer, 3d Modeler, Photographer, Digital Cinematographer, Web Desigener (just html/css I learned back in 2007/8), Parkour traceuse, Urban Climber/Explorer, Infiltrator, Gamer. Don't follow me if you're a man, if you're not sure pls message me or I'll likely block you. That'll be all.


Concepts for “The Lord of the Rings Online” by Wesley Burt.

this is how you do female armour. exellent